Keppel FELS has delivered a KFELS B Class jackup rig to Arabian Drilling (ADC), representing the 21st new-build offshore rig delivered in 2013.

Said to be ADC’s third jackup rig from Keppel FELS, the new ARABDRILL 60 has been chartered to Saudi Arabia’s national oil company, Saudi Aramco.

The ARABDRILL 60 class of rigs is said to make up more than 30% of the total jackups completed globally since 2000.

The KFELS B Class jackup design has been developed by Keppel’s technology arms, Offshore Technology Development (OTD) and Bennett Offshore, and can operate in water depths of up to 400ft.

According to the company, the rig has the capacity to drill to depths of 30,000ft, which is also readily upgradeable for better performance capabilities.

The rig incorporates the fully-automated high capacity rack and pinion jacking system and self-positioning fixation system of Keppel.

The KFELS B Class is designed with new features for safety and environmental friendliness and provides better uptime with reduced emissions and discharges.

ADC board of directors chairman Mohamed Yousof Rafie said together with its ARABDRILL 50, ARABDRILL 60 will allow the company to offer Saudi Aramco productive, safe and cost-efficient drilling operations.

"We have been impressed with the commitment by Keppel FELS in delivering to high quality and safety standards, while ensuring our requirements were met," Rafie added.

ARABDRILL 50 was delivered earlier in 2013 and is already working for Saudi Aramco. ADC also owns the ARABDRILL 30 rig, which is operating for the Al-Khafji Joint Operations.

Keppel FELS also previously delivered SAR 202, a KFELS Super B Class jackup, for Saudi Aramco.

Image: The new ARABDRILL 60 is ADC’s third jackup rig from Keppel FELS. Photo courtesy of suwatpo /