Keppel Offshore & Marine’s (Keppel O&M) wholly owned subsidiary Keppel FELS is set to deliver three jackup rigs to Grupo R in Mexico.

Designed to operate in water depths of 400ft, the KFELS B class jackup has been developed by Keppel’s Offshore Technology Development (OTD) and has the capacity to drill to depths of 30,000ft.

The rig is equipped with a fully automated rack and pinion jacking system.

According to Keppel, the KFELS B also comprises a self-positioning fixation system and can accommodate 150 people.

"The three rigs named today will make it 11 KFELS B Class rigs working in Mexico."

Keppel O&M CEO Chow Yew Yuen said: "When delivered, the three rigs named today will make it 11 KFELS B Class rigs working in Mexico.

"It is the dominant rig design in the region, with those already in operation turning out robust, efficient and economical, performances for Mexico. Besides two more rigs for Grupo R, we currently also have another two under construction for Mexican customers."

The three rigs named Cantarell I, Cantarell II and Cantarell III are said to be the first three of five rigs that Keppel FELS is constructing for Grupo R.

Grupo R CEO Ramiro Garza said: "In spite of the current low oil price environment, Mexico is focused on finding new resources to increase its oil production in the face of a long-term decline.

"We have built these rigs with Keppel FELS to ensure cost-efficiencies in getting customised and high-quality products that are able to exceed the expectations of our customers."

Keppel said it deployed a total of 18 rigs in Mexico after repairing and servicing them.