Lundin Petroleum has encountered approximately 62m of oil bearing conglomeratic sandstone sequence, dated late Upper Jurassic, at the appraisal well 16/1-18 on the Edvard Grieg field in the Norwegian North Sea sector.

Oil bearing was encountered during the appraisal drilling and testing at the 16/1-8 well, which commenced exploration in 2007 and drilled at 2.4km east of the Edvard Grieg production platform.

The company has acquired an extensive logging programme and the reservoir sequence was cored.

Good reservoir quality was found in the upper 43m and moderate reservoir quality in the lower 19m of the oil bearing zone. An oil down-to situation was established.

The well was designed to appraise the reservoir properties in the south-eastern part of the Edvard Grieg field, in order to optimise the drainage strategy and drilling of production wells in this part of the field.

"The company has acquired an extensive logging programme and the reservoir sequence was cored."

Lundin reported that a production test (DST) was carried out in a 13m perforation interval in the lowest part of the oil bearing zone, which yielded more than 800bpd through a 28in/64in choke, demonstrating good permeability and good vertical communication across the entire 62m oil zone.

The upper part of the reservoir with the best reservoir quality was planned to be perforated and tested in a commingled test with the lower zone, but this was cancelled due to operational issues.

Nevertheless, a mini-DST in the upper oil bearing zone confirmed good quality reservoir properties.

Lundin Petroleum president and CEO Ashley Heppenstall said: "The results of the Edvard Grieg appraisal well provided encouraging results regarding the quality of the conglomeratic reservoir, which is much better than that of other wells."

The well, which will be permanently plugged and abandoned at a water depth of 109m, was drilled to a vertical depth of 2,361m below mean sea level (MSL) and was terminated in the Granitic basement.

Lundin Petroleum, through its wholly owned subsidiary Lundin Norway, operates PL338 with a 50% stake, while other partners OMV Norge, Statoil Petroleum and Wintershall Norge hold 20%, 15% and 15% interest respectively.

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