Denmark-based Maersk Training has opened its new offshore simulation complex in Houston, US, for training oil and gas industry personnel.

Maersk Training CEO Claus Bihl said: "We want to create a step-change in the level of competence in the oil and gas industry, as well as in the way competence is developed and improved, by influencing how the industry work with safety and operational performance.

"Our main focus will be on operational simulation and integrating human factors, including teamwork, procedural discipline, communication, decision-making and situational awareness, all of this with the aim to safeguard and improve safety and productivity."

Training at this facility will allow offshore rig crews to be prepared prior to engaging in the actual operation in a bid to increase safety and save time.

According to Maersk, the training allows teams to practice events and joint procedures together as an integrated unit.

"Our main focus will be on operational simulation and integrating human factors."

The Houston facility will accommodate simulators for cyber drilling, vessel bridge, cranes and engine room, in addition to an emergency response room.

In February, BP signed a five-year agreement with Maersk to provide additional advanced training for its crews in the Houston facility.

BP said it will use the facility to train integrated offshore drilling teams comprised of its employees and contractors in an ‘immersive simulation environment’.

BP Global Wells Organization head Gary Jones said: "Our safety and operational performance depends on high-functioning, integrated teams.

"These programmes will continue to develop the talents of BP’s global offshore workforce and the contractors we work with as part of our commitment to safe and reliable operations."

Image: Maersk’s simulation facility in Houston will perform training in ten global facilities. Photo: © Maersk Training.