US-based McDermott International has secured a contract to install the offshore jacket, deck and piles for the Ayatsil-A drilling platform for PEMEX Exploracion y Produccion in the Bay of Campeche Ayatsil field, Mexico.

McDermott’s Intermac 600 will launch the 8,400t jacket, while the heavy-lift Derrick Barge 50 will complete the installation of the jacket, a 3,400t deck and other platform parts in water depths of 400ft.

The Ayatsil field is PEMEX’s largest discovery to-date and is anticipated to increase Mexico’s production by 150,000 barrels of oil per day.

McDermott delivered the Ayatsil-B eight-leg jacket and deck in July 2014.

McDermott International vice-president and general manager for Americas Dominic Savarino said: "The Ayatsil-A installation award from PEMEX is a direct result of the substantial local capabilities and operations of McDermott in Mexico, and our demonstrated track record of safe and reliable platform installations for PEMEX in the Bay of Campeche.

"Our unique ability to mobilise our versatile marine resources, including the heavy-lift vessel, Derrick Barge 50, capable of lifting surface loads up to 4,400t, and the Intermac 600 transportation and launch barge was a critical component of the successful award for this fast-track installation project."

Image: Ayatsil-A jacket loaded on-board the Intermac 600 transportation and launch barge, ready for installation. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.