Oil prices have increased over geopolitical worries following Friday’s terrorist attacks in France.

Front-month Brent crude prices rose 34 cents at $44.81 a barrel, while the US futures traded 36 cents higher at $41.10 a barrel, Reuters reported.

Large-scale air strikes carried out by France against Islamic State sites in Syria overnight made oil market investors ramp-up purchasing activity after a week.

Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg oil analyst Frank Klump told the news agency: "Some risk premium is factored into the market after the terror attacks in Paris. We had an oversold market, so it is a technical recovery as well."

"We had an oversold market, so it is a technical recovery as well."

According to an OPEC delegate from a Gulf producing country, oil prices during the mid-term may gain some support due to rising tensions.

Analysts believe that the attacks will further weaken the economy globally, oil and other commodities are expected to come under renewed pressure.

Coincidence of high production and inventories with an economic slowdown in Asia, particularly in China and Japan led to a decline in oil prices by over 60% since June 2014.

Data released by Baker Hughes highlighted an increase in the US oil rig count in 11 weeks last Friday.

According to the International Energy Agency, there are three billion barrels of crude and oil products in tanks globally.