Peak Well Systems (Peak) has successfully deployed the first of its new large-bore SIM plug systems for US oil and natural gas firm Apache on the North West Shelf in Australia.

Apache used the SIM plugs and a well barrier positioned at 100m and 2,000m depth in three different wells in its suspension campaign on the Sinbad well field.

Sinbad is a natural gas producing offshore monopod which links to Apache’s processing hub on Varanus Island.

Peak said it developed the new SIM retrievable bridge plugs (RBPs) in 5in and 5.5in tubing sizes last year, enhancing an existing range of smaller RBPs that are used by operators around the world today.

Apache petroleum engineering manager Jack Goodacre said: "After our initial discussions with Peak’s design engineering team in July 2011, we were able to witness the key development milestones leading up to delivery of the SIM plugs.

"Having Peak’s manufacturing base in Perth (WA) meant that delivery was also quicker than alternative products. Peak has met all our operational requirements."

Apache said it was eager to fast-track the development of the new large bore plugs in time for deployment prior to the Australian cyclone season.

Previously, the operator has deployed SIM System plugs in smaller tubing sizes and has been impressed by its inherent safety compared to other systems.