Penspen has secured a contract with Sirius Group to conduct an engineering study for the monetisation of gas reserves from oilfields in offshore Niger Delta.

The study will be carried out as part of the $1.2bn Project Dawn project.

Under the agreement, Penspen will develop gas reserves of the OML 122 field which is located in the offshore Niger Delta region 40km from the coastline of Southern Nigeria.

The three-year development project, Project Dawn will include construction of a pipeline network to deliver natural gas to the Escravos – Lagos Pipeline System (ELPS), which was designed and constructed more than two decades ago.

"The study will be carried out as part of the $1.2bn Project Dawn project."

Penspen will carry out the study to determine the extent of new pipeline and facilities that are needed and quantify the overall investment that is required to proceed with the project.

The project will include assessment of the OML-122 field development, subsea gas pipeline, and an onshore central processing facility.

The gas produced from Project Dawn will be used to feed power plants, as well as various industrial applications in Nigeria.

Project Dawn is expected to introduce 250Mmscf/d of natural gas under the agreement signed between Sirius Oilfield Support Services and NNPC’s subsidiary Nigerian Gas Company (NGC).

Penspen CEO Peter O’Sullivan said: "We are pleased to have been selected by Sirius Group to provide our engineering expertise for this significant study, which will increase availability and improve accessibility to energy across the region.

"I am confident our team’s reputation and experience in conducting similar engineering studies worldwide will benefit and deliver value in developing infrastructure for Nigeria’s gas network."

Penspen was founded in the UK in 1954 as Spencer & Partners originally, and currently has offices in London, Aberdeen, Houston, Abu Dhabi, and Bangkok.