UK-based corrosion and erosion monitoring provider Permasense has installed the ET210 integrity system on Total’s Alwyn platform in the North Sea.

The Alwyn area has produced more than one billion barrels of oil since 1987.

As part of the project, 12 sensors have been installed by Permasense to deliver continuous wall thickness and temperature measurements from topside and surface equipment to desk straight away.

Permasense business development director Tom Fuggle said: “We believe that Total places a high-value on asset integrity and that our innovative solutions complement that.

"Understanding equipment integrity is paramount to operational performance and safety."

“There is a strong market for solutions that allow oil and gas companies to reduce OPEX and increase production and understanding equipment integrity is paramount to operational performance and safety.

“ET210 is a cost-effective solution that enables users to minimise OPEX for equipment inspection and at the same time deliver real-time actionable insights into corrosion and erosion events, maximising returns in a safe and controlled way.”

The system removes the costs and safety risks that are associated with manual inspection methods.

With the quality and frequency of data delivered, users get a real-time insight into the impact of operations, including flowrates, sand and acid levels on equipment integrity, Permasense said.

Operators can use the information to help boost decision-making and increase production rates, helping reduce downtime.

Furthermore, it has been designed to minimise the risk of corrosion or erosion-related incidents.