The Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) in Norway has issued an order to Statoil following a hydrocarbon leak at Gudrun platform in the North Sea in February 2015.

PSA issued the order after performing an investigation that identified serious breaches of the regulations.

The order said that Statoil needs to ensure that the management of health, safety and environment in operation of the platform will consist of activities needed for identifying, risk-assessing and processing signals from operational process facilities.

Furthermore, the company will have to ensure that knowledge and necessary information from key technical experts is communicated correctly to operations.

"Statoil calculated the actual leak rate to be around 8kg a second."

The leak occurred from a rupture in a 2in pipe in the bypass line directly downstream of the first-stage separator. Statoil calculated the actual leak rate to be around 8kg a second.

It was discovered that condensate from the separator leaked to the open air, with the total emission/discharge is estimated at 2,800kg of condensate.

More than 1m³ is estimated to have been discharged into the sea following the hydrocarbon leak, with no-one injured.

Statoil said as the leak occurred noise and vibrations were reported on the platform and hydrocarbons were then confirmed in the process module.

The order compliance deadline is 1 June 2016.

Image: The Gudrun platform in the North Sea. Photo: courtesy of Eli Skjæveland Tengesdal.