Italian firm Saipem has been awarded a contract by Eni to conduct drilling activity at Coral field in offshore Mozambique using the drillship Saipem 12000.  

The contract carries a 15-month duration period with the option of up to a maximum of 45 months. Drilling activity is scheduled to start in mid-2019.

In addition, Saipem has secured other offshore drilling contracts to be performed in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea using modern vessels from its fleet. New contracts have a combined value of $230m.

Before Saipem 12000 sails for Mozambique project, the vessel will drill two offshore wells in Cyprus under a separate contract between the two companies. This project is scheduled to commence in the fourth quarter of this year. 

After completion, the vessel will be deployed in Portugal for operations, which were postponed earlier. 

"New contracts have a combined value of $230m."

Saipem expects that these contracts will help in consolidating its business in the Mediterranean area and strengthen its presence at locations where important discoveries were made. 

The company plans to use the semi-submersible rig Scarabeo 9 to drill one well with the option for another one in the Black Sea. 

Operating since 2011, the rig is currently being upgraded, which will enable it to pass through the Bosphorus.

The modernisation of the semi-submersible rig will help the company to procure further offshore drilling contracts in ultra-deepwater in the Black Sea area.

Saipem provides services such as engineering, procurement, construction and installation of pipelines and complex projects in the oil and gas market.