Sparrows Group and SPIE Oil & Gas Services have secured a joint crane maintenance contract from Total E&P Congo for the Moho Nord development off the coast of Central Africa. 

The contract represents the first joint delivery project for the two companies, covering maintenance, inspection and testing services on five pedestal cranes on the project’s Likouf floating production unit (FPU) and tension leg platform (TLP) for three years. 

SPIE will be responsible for managing the project in Congo, while Sparrows Group will provide expert specialist technical personnel. The contract is scheduled to begin this quarter. 

Sparrows Group CEO Stewart Mitchell said: "We have operated successfully in West Africa for several years; however, this is the first significant contract we have secured in the Congo. 

"Being able to grow our footprint into new areas was key in us choosing to partner with SPIE to deliver a service that provides clients with the highest standards in crane operations and maintenance."

In August last year, both companies entered a partnership that will offer collective services throughout Africa, which will later be expanded worldwide.

"This is the first significant contract we have secured in the Congo."

SPIE Oil & Gas Services general manager Richard Masson said: "Being able to partner with a world-class specialist service company provides demonstrable benefits to operators in maximising the operations and working life of their assets."

Initially, the partners will review existing plans before undertaking full responsibility for maintenance.

Plans will include inspection and testing of all cranes, as well as supplying corrective maintenance and spare parts.

Cranes supplied for the Moho Nord development were manufactured by Sparrows Group from its facility in the US.

Image: Sparrows Group and SPIE awarded joint cranes contract in Congo. Photo: courtesy of Sparrows Offshore Group Limited.