Statoil has announced that its Troll B field off the coast of Norway has produced one billion barrels of oil equivalent (boe) since it came on stream in 1995.

For the last three years, Troll B and C have been the largest oil producers in the entire Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Troll B oilfield has produced nearly three times more than the expected production stated in the plan of development and operation.

Crude oil is found in thin oil columns at this Troll platform, which requires latest technical equipment and efficiency for recovery.

When Troll B came online in 19 September 1995, the field had nine pre-drilled oil wells and one gas injector. At an average, it has produced 20,600m³. This year, around 12,000m³ was recovered from Troll B at an average.

Considering the average oil price in the last 21 years, Troll B generated revenue of around Nkr268bn ($30.87bn).

"The combined oil and gas produced from the Troll field so far represent values worth Nkr1,300bn."

Troll operations vice-president Lars Høier said: “The combined oil and gas produced from the Troll field so far represent values worth Nkr1,300bn. After 20 years of production, Troll will probably be the highest oil producing field on the NCS for the fourth year in a row.

“Troll B is delivering high regularity and good HSE results, and this is the result of dedicated employees doing a fantastic job every day, both offshore and onshore.”

The Troll field is segregated into three main areas. The first is Troll East that hosts Troll A and Troll-Oseberg gas injection project and contains about two-thirds of total gas reserves. The second area is Troll Oil Gas Province that holds remaining one-third gas reserves, while the third area Troll Oil Province hosts mainly oil.

Troll B is situated towards the east of the oil province. Troll A and Troll B are approximately 20km apart.

Statoil estimates that this platform will be in production for another eight to ten years.

Image: The Troll B platform in the North Sea. Photo: courtesy of Øyvind Hagen/ Statoil.