Sweden-based engineering group Trelleborg has announced the supply of its floatover mating technology to the SHWE project in the Bay of Bengal.

The company’s engineered products operation worked with the engineering, procurement, construction and installation contractor Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) to provide the technology for the platform.

Various leg mating units (LMUs), deck support units (DSUs), load transfer units (LTUs) and floatover fender systems were provided to meet requirements for the heaviest load that an LMU has ever been commissioned for.

The project’s topside weighed 30,000t, and one of the delivered LMUs was designed to bear a compression load of 12,450t.

Trelleborg performed testing in house in order to ensure that hardware was reliable enough for the project.

Trelleborg engineered products operation engineering manager JP Chia said that the company’s test press has a load capacity of 18,300t and weighs 600t.

"Though the specification was demanding, we were able to produce tailor-made engineering solutions that were ideal for the environment and application, as well as handle the production from end to end," Chia added.

The topside was transported from HHI’s fabrication yard in Ulsan, Korea on a barge equipped with eight of Trelleborg’s DSUs, which were fitted to the deck support frame to allow movement between the deck and deck support frame horizontally during and after the mating process.

During installation onto the pre-installed substructure, four of Trelleborg’s LMUs took up the static and dynamic load of the topside structure.

For transfer of all the system loads, and providing a substantial dampening effect, four LTUs were also provided to reduce any damage to the supporting structure.

Image: Trelleborg’s leg mating unit. Photo: courtesy of Trelleborg AB.