Romanian oil and gas company OMV Petrom has commenced the general turnaround of the Petrobrazi refinery.

The integrated energy company has allocated around 400m lei ($89.43m) for the process, which covers maintenance and investment.

The turnaround will last for six weeks, during which the refinery’s operations will be suspended.

Over 80% of the 25 key contracting firms that will be working on the turnaround are Romanian businesses.

Approximately 6,000 personnel will be needed to complete the turnaround, which will require technical competence on more than 600 pieces of equipment, inspections of more than 1,400 safety valves, pressure tests on more than 6,000 pipes, and testing of electrical and automation systems.

Several refinery installations will undergo modernisation work concurrently with the turnaround, including replacing the coke drums.

Between 2004 and 2022, OMV Petrom invested over €2bn in the Petrobrazi refinery, with a third of this sum going towards minimising the environmental impact.

With a processing capacity of 4.5 million tonnes of crude oil annually, Petrobrazi is one of Romania’s key refineries.

OMV Petrom Executive Board member Radu Căprău said: “A turnaround is an event of major importance in the activity of the refinery and requires a complex planning and risk management process. The turnaround will total more than two million hours of operations; more than 20 modernization projects, and tens of thousands of technical checks and inspections of equipment and installations.

“This turnaround required two years of preparation and it is mandatory to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the refinery. This planning also took into account ensuring the fuel supplies necessary for continuity in the supply of the market in Romania and the region.”