Oil Spill Response (OSRL), an international co-operative specialising in tackling oil spills, has signed a licence agreement for MARITECH Services’ Sea/response offshore emergency response software tool.

OSRL signed the agreement on behalf of its Subsea Well Intervention Services (SWIS) members, which includes several oil and gas companies such as BP, Chevron, Exxonmobil, Equinor, Petrobras, ConocoPhillips, Shell and Total.

The Sea/response software platform uses proprietary technology to identify suitable emergency vessels and equipment closest to a well or drill location. During an emergency, platforms will facilitate operational preparedness to tackle the situation as well as help to minimise environmental damage and meet regulatory requirements.

OSRL, Maritech and SWIS members have already worked together to enhance certain attributes of the tool to help meet operator requirements such as capping and containment, offset installation equipment and relief well drilling.

BP Capping and Containment senior technical specialist Andrew Worrall said: “The Sea/response portal’s use of intelligent data not only facilitates significant reductions in incident response times, but also allows for real-time monitoring of mutual aid vessel availability, particularly in remote locations, giving operators visibility of any emerging risks and allowing them to react accordingly.”

An industry funded initiative, OSRL responds to oil spills across the world by offering support and intervention services as well as working to boost preparedness among the operators. Currently, it employs 275 people and operates through 12 locations around the world.