UK-based Sparrows Group has secured a contract for work on onshore rigs at multiple sites in Kuwait for two undisclosed clients.

Under the contract, Sparrows will be responsible for maintenance and provision of certificates of conformance for onshore rigs across sites.

Sparrows will also provide services for range of critical drilling equipment, including mud pumps, iron roughnecks, catwalks and top drives, to ensure the onshore rigs can be deployed safely to the field.

Sparrows CEO Stewart Mitchell said: “Becoming the first and currently only company to hold the approval as a non-OEM maintenance provider in Kuwait, is a proud honour, and testament to Sparrows’ dedication and focus on quality.

“This is an exciting time for our drilling services portfolio, as we expand globally, taking our remarkable success in the Middle East and Asia Pacific and replicating it in the UK and in previously inaccessible locations, such as Kuwait.”

Sparrows said that the onshore rigs require recertification every five years. This would help the firm to continue its operations in the country for the foreseeable future.

By third quarter of 2023, 100 rigs are expected to join the country’s operational fleet.

“These rigs, both new and old, require high-quality servicing, which is a significant volume of work to place on existing OEMs.

“Sparrows has been recognised as an approved non-OEM maintenance provider, becoming the first non-OEM service company to hold the NOC approvals to operate in the country, and showcase its expertise and capabilities,” Sparrows said in a statement.

Last year, Sparrows Group was selected by an undisclosed ‘major’ UK continental shelf operator to provide crane management services for its operating assets in the North Sea.

The contract was for the delivery of crane operations and maintenance services for ten offshore oil and gas assets.