Tap Oil has completed a drilling programme at the Manora Oil field, located in the Gulf of Thailand.

The drilling programme saw the first well spud on 9 July. Batch drilling of the top-hole sections of three wells was first taken up, following which drilling of the reservoir sections was carried out.

For the programme, the Ensco 115 jack-up drilling rig was used. The two horizontal developments wells, MNA-24H and MNA-23H, were drilled from the Manora platform. These wells targeted undeveloped reserves in the 300 series sands. The MNA-24H horizontal development well was drilled to a final measured depth of 2,216m, while the MNA-23H was drilled to 2,216.1m depth.

With the completion of drilling at the two wells, they have been handed over for production operations. Before long-term production commences, multi-rate testing will be carried out at the wells.

Providing an update on the MNA-22H well, the company stated that the aim of this well is to offer a second drainage point in the 490-60 and 500 reservoirs that were completed in the nearby MNA-20H well.

On 4 August, the MNA-22H well was drilled to a final measured depth of 2,133m. A petrophysical interpretation of well logs indicates that at the MNA-22H well had an oil net pay of 56.5 m in total in the 490-60 and 500 sands.

Currently, the work in the MNA-22H well has been suspended. At a later date, the well will be completed with a work over rig.

As the development programme completed within budget and before the deadline, the rig was demobilised on 14 August. Ensco 115 jack-up rig will be used again for further exploration drilling in November 2019.

The Manora oil field is located in the G1/48 concession of the Gulf of Thailand. It lies in 44m of water approximately 80km from the coast of Thailand.

Mubadala Petroleum is the operator of the field and has a 60% interest in the offshore property. Tap Energy holds a 30% interest in the field, while Northern Gulf Petroleum holds the remaining 10% interest.