An explosion at Kazakhstan’s largest oil field, Tengiz, occurred on 6 July, about 217 miles southeast of the city of Atyrau. The blast happened during the testing of a pipe section. 

Atyrau police department reported that two workers in their 30s died in the incident. Local news operations were informed that three workers were injured, and an investigation has been opened into the incident at the facility. A criminal case has been opened to investigate the violation of labour protection rules. 

The Tengiz field is a giant reservoir where the oil column measures across a mile, ranked as one of the deepest oil fields in the world. Around 3.2 billion tonnes of oil are estimated to be present in the fields, out of which 1.3 billion tonnes are recoverable, including the oil from Korolev fields. 

A preliminary inspection suggests that the blast occurred during a hydro test of a pipe with atmospheric gas. Senimdi Kurylys, the contractor company, was carrying out pressure work that was intended to be completed by mid-2022. While an investigation into the Tengiz explosion is ongoing, exports from the field appear to be continuing.