Subsurface data company TGS and Norwegian survey services firm Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) have released final 3D seismic data results from their Torngat survey offshore Labrador, Canada.

In May 2019, TGS and PGS announced the Torngat 3D multi-client project in offshore East Canada.

The Torngat 3D survey covers about 3,300km² and comprises parts of the open acreage included in the November 2019 bid round. The project is supported by industry funding.

The area is within the Labrador Sea’s southern sedimentary basins where previous exploration identified hydrocarbons via the nearby Hopedale and Snorri discoveries.

TGS North America vice-president Will Ashby said: “Torngat, the first 3D survey acquired offshore Labrador, will provide the industry with the highest quality subsurface insights ahead of scheduled licensing rounds.

“This survey will be instrumental in assessing several amplitude variations (AVO) supported leads that were initially evaluated with our comprehensive 2D library in this region. Our Labrador Sea seismic library is complemented by TGS well data, a regional crustal study, and basin-wide interpretation.”

In May, PGS announced the Blomidon, South Bank, and Torngat Extension GeoStreamer surveys for two of its vessels this summer.

In April, TGS finished reprocessing of 21,631km² of 2D seismic data from a survey offshore Sakhalin Island in the Sea of Okhotsk, Russia.

In June 2019, TGS and PGS secured the Jeanne d’Arc High-Density 3D (HD3D) multi-client project in offshore Newfoundland, East Canada.