Best-read features on Offshore Technology

Some of the best-read features on the site analysed the implications of the Israel-Palestine war on global oil and gas markets; industry giants making record profits; and the most lucrative offshore platform jobs and worst rig disasters. The best and worst lists – and a history of the oil and gas industry from 347 AD to today – are features published before this year that have steadily grown in relevance and popularity.

  1. What are the implications of the Israel-Palestine war on the global oil and gas markets?

    We explore the immediate and potential longer-term implications of the Israel-Palestine conflict on global oil and gas supplies.
  2. Big Oil profits soared to nearly $200bn in 2022

    The combined profits of some of the world’s biggest oil and gas companies such as Chevron, ExxonMobil, BP, Shell and TotalEnergies amounted to nearly $200bn in 2022.
  3. The ten most lucrative offshore platform jobs

    Offshore oil and gas professionals expect good pay in return for physically and mentally challenging work.
  4. The world’s worst offshore oil rig disasters

    The most lethal element in offshore life often comes from harsh weather conditions and the daily threat of an unforgiving ocean.
  5. The history of the oil and gas industry from 347 AD to today

    This ‘evergreen’ feature published in 2019 discusses the multi-million dollar industry and how it all started.

Best-read news on Offshore Technology

Articles on new oil and gas discoveries, exploration licenses, corrosion protection technology, and strike action in Australia were popular with readers.

  1. Shell to increase dividends and reduce spending

    The oil major plans to keep oil production at the same level until 2030 despite seeking to reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions by 50% by the same year.
  2. Oil price could reach $150 a barrel in 2024, warns World Bank

    The escalation of the Israel-Palestine war into a broader Middle East conflict could significantly disrupt oil supplies.
  3. Israel gives preliminary approval to develop Gaza Marine field

    The Israeli Government issued preliminary approval for developing the Gaza Marine project 30km off the coast of the Gaza Strip in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.
  4. Israel awards gas exploration licences to six companies

    Israel awarded 12 licences to six companies, including BP and Eni, to explore natural gas offshore the Mediterranean coast.
  5. Turkey discovers natural gas worth over $500bn in the Black Sea

    Turkey’s natural gas discovery in the Black Sea could meet the country’s household energy demands for the next 35 years.
  6. Turkish Petroleum discovers oil worth $12bn in Mount Gabar

    Turkish Petroleum discovered 150 million barrels of net oil reserves worth an estimated $12bn in south-east Turkey.
  7. PETRONAS launches new corrosion protection technology

    ProShield+ technology has been tested at the company’s units operating in both upstream and downstream sectors.
  8. Chevron to directly offer pay to LNG workers to avoid strikes in Australia

    In August, Chevron looked to table a pay offer to workers at its three Australian LNG facilities to avoid pending strike action.