Tensile or compressive load measurement, the 2900 marine load pin is an easily employed, high-strength stainless-steel load pin that is designed to withstand harsh enviroments.

It comes with a protection cage and a fitted marine connector.


The 2900 marine pin is designed for each application and special features can be included. The pin is generally manufactured from high-strength stainless-steel and is issued with certified material certificates. The strain gauges are internally installed that is back filled with dielectric gel.


  • Electrical
    • Recommended excitation: 10Vdc
    • Maximum excitation: 15Vdc
    • Output at rated load: 1.5mV/V
    • Zero balance: 5% of RL
    • Input impedance: 700Ω +/-20
    • Output impedance: 700Ω +/- 3
    • Insulation: >10^9Ω
    • Compensation temperature range: 10°C to 60°C
    • Safe temperature range°C -30°C to 70°C
  • Mechanical
    • Safe overload: 150% of RL
    • Ultimate overload: 300% of RL
    • Deflection: < 0.5mm
    • Cable type: as specified
    • Cable length: as specified
    • Sealing: IP68
  • Accuracy
    • Non linearity and hystersis: 1.0%
    • Non repeatability: 0.5%
    • Zero return (after 30mins): 0.08%
    • Temperature effect / 10°C on zero: 0.05%
    • Temperature effect / 10°C on span: 0.03%