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5550 Stub Axle Load Cell

5550 Stub Axle Load Cell Technical Sheet

The 5550 stub axle load cell has full environmental protection and is built for rugged applications. The load cell is constructed from high strength stainless steel.

A complete range covers the load capacities from 10 to 50kN. Each load cell can be designed to allow transverse loading while measuring in the active plain. The load cell is built to the highest commercial standards that include temperature compensation over a wide temperature range.


  • Range 10kN to 50kN
  • Stainless-steel construction.
  • Rugged and easily employed
  • Sealed to IP67


  • Electrical
    • Recommended excitation: 10Vdc
    • Maximum excitation: 15Vdc
    • Output at rated load: 2.0mV/V
    • Zero balance: 5% of RL
    • Input impedance: 350Ω +/- 20
    • Output impedance: 350Ω +/- 3
    • Insulation: >10^9Ω
    • Compensation temp range: 10°C to 60°C
    • Safe temperature range: -30°C to 70°C
  • Mechanical
    • Safe overload: 150% of RL
    • Ultimate overload: 300% of RL
    • Deflection: < 0.5mm
    • Cable type 4 core screened
    • Cable length 6 M
    • Sealed IP67
  • Accuracy
    • Non linearity and hysteresis: 0.25%
    • Non repeatability: < 0.05%
    • Zero return (after 30min): 0.04%
    • Temp temperature /10°C on zero 0.05%
    • Temp temperature /10°C on span 0.03%

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