BPT provides the following services.


  • Fluid definitions / PVT modelling
  • Steady state models
  • Dynamic / transient models
  • Allocation models
  • Cause and effects matrix
  • Integrated solutions well, pipelines and topside or subsea processing

Flow assurance

  • Steady state and transient multiphase hydraulic analysis
  • Hydrates and chemical requirements for hydrate prevention / mitigation
  • Erosion and wax studies
  • Slugging
  • Depressurisation
  • Pigging
  • Operational procedures
  • Commissioning and RFO procedures

Process design / verification

  • Field process development assistance
  • Fluid compatibility evaluations (wax, asphaltenes, hydrates, naphtenates)
  • Fluid re-characterization and tuning
  • Compressor and ASV requirements
  • Separators and scrubbers sizing / verification / evaluation
  • Control valves, pressure safety valves and orifices
  • MEG regeneration and reclaiming systems
  • Capacity evaluations and de-bottlenecking

Well studies

  • Steady state thermal hydraulic analyses for field life conditions
  • Transient analysis for shut down and restart
  • Well testing and clean-up

Process safety

  • Overpressure protection design and verifications, pipelines and topside
  • Primary and secondary barrier evaluations
  • Relief and blowdown studies
  • Flare system capacity
  • HIPPS design and verification
  • PSD logic
  • Cause and effect evaluation
  • Hazid assistance
  • Hazop assistance

Process control

  • Development / verification of control strategies
  • PID regulator tuning
  • Sizing of control valves
  • Compressor protection evaluations

Operator training systems

  • Operator training simulator in partnership with RSI

Commissioning / start-up / operation

  • Verification / development of procedures
  • Plant start-up
  • Studies and preparations
  • Field assistance and troubleshooting
  • Verification / development of commissioning procedures
  • Commissioning planning and supervision

Software development

  • Automated steady state production profile calculations
  • OPC link developments
  • Development of HYSYS user variables
  • Development of extensions
  • MySep™ integration
  • Automated data extraction
  • Tailored VBA

Training (is provided to users of BPT deliveries)

  • Steady state, dynamic and integration with OLGA™
  • Efficient use of simulation tools
  • Work process development