Martin® brush belt cleaners are specially suited for the removal of fines and residue from ribbed, flighted, grooved, or chevron conveyor belts. Versions of brush belt cleaners are available to suit your conditions and your budget.

Features and benefits:

  • One or two-horsepower motor (depending on belt width) turns brush against belt motion
  • The Martin Spiral Brush Conveyor Belt Cleaner uses 0.96mm polypropylene bristles wrapped in spiral around the hub
  • The Martin Strip Brush Conveyor Belt Cleaner uses 12 brush strips to form a brush that sheds even moist material that would plug other brushes; strips are made with 1mm polypropylene bristles


  • The Martin Brush Conveyor Belt Cleaner is suited for light to medium-duty applications, on belts from 400mm to 2,000mm
  • The cleaner accommodates a maximum 3/8in cleat height


  • Available with polypropylene, oil tempered wire or nylon brushes
  • Available with other bristle diameters