Cisco Systems

Communication systems for tough environments

When oil and gas production platforms are located in remote places such as the North Sea, communication becomes a premium commodity.

Providing data links to onshore facilities, guiding approaching ships and helicopters, and keeping people onboard connected, it’s essential that the communication systems onboard your oil and gas production platforms are reliable, even under the most extreme conditions.

Crew members away from their loved ones for two-week stretches need to be able to stay in touch with family and friends at home.

Integrated solutions

Delivering everything from satellite and radio links to navigation and monitoring systems, we listen to your needs and deliver a solution with the right specs at the right price.

We have the know-how and experience to integrate communications and navigation systems into a single, robust package and our integrated solutions are easy-to-use, simple to service and inexpensive to maintain.

Global communication systems

With nearly 50% of the Nordic offshore market, we are one of the leading providers of communications systems to the North Sea offshore industry. We also supply integrated communication solutions to our offshore and onshore customers worldwide.