Confined spaces are some of the most hazardous environments encountered by marine workers and without proper precautions employees can incur serious or even fatal injuries.

Offshore project operators must therefore make sure they take steps to address these personal safety threats as much as possible.

Cablesafe are pleased to provide clients with a robust selection of confined space safety solutions to ensure employees are protected at all times while completing their work onsite.

confined space entry barrier

Manhole covers and barriers

Our easy-to-install confined space barriers and manhole covers are equipped with 95N, 9.5kg-force magnets in addition to nut and galvanized steel bolt fixing, and can be fitted with locks on request for the easy securing of problematic areas. Lockout-tagout (LOTO) technology is also available.

These barriers operate effectively with openings made from a range of materials including metal, wood, brick and polycarbonates. They are durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions, as well as the physical and visual demands of an operational work site and hazardous chemicals, and are made out of powder-coated aluminium.

Cablesafe’s heavy-duty manhole covers are able to support up to 140kg, and are available in sizes ranging from 60.96cm – 96.52cm in diameter.

confined space entry system

Confined Space Entry Systems

Cablesafe provide a variety of confined space entry systems in order to enable personnel and tools to be safely lifted and lowered in and out of small spaces while minimising hassle and risk of injury.

Designed for quick vertical entry and retrieval and equipped with a fall protection mechanism, these systems are the ideal solution for entry below decks, gratings and underground manholes.

Our adaptable, lightweight systems can be installed quickly and efficiently by a single worker, and consist of three simple different parts: a mast, a base pedestal and an arm with a 610mm reach.

They are easy to transport and set up in different locations, making them well suited for mobile employees who have to routinely visit multiple sites.

All systems have a maximum load capacity of 163kg and specific modifications can be made upon request.

Tripods and winches

Cablesafe tripods are an excellent tool for entering vertical confined spaces such sewers or underground tanks, or below decks and gratings.

The tripods are portable, lightweight and easy to install, and feature adjustable middle and lower legs at 80mm intervals to adapt and adjust to even the most demanding surfaces and ground conditions.

High-quality manual winches with galvanized cables are attached to the tripods, and have handle turn functionality with an up-and-down locking mechanism.

Deviation per handle turn is 50cm up and down; allowing for speedy retrieval or lifting of the cable and saving valuable time in comparison to most alternative systems.

Handheld lights and gas level monitors

Cablesafe’s confined space safety range includes accessories such as long-lasting handheld lamps and torches, featuring with low recharge times and at least IP67 and atex classification.

Our BLS CPL-102 all-purpose hand lamp features a dual-mode switch, allowing a choice between longer operating time and extreme light output.

Employee protection is further guaranteed by our gas monitors. Each portable gas detector is carefully selected by Cablesafe® for long battery life, high measure resolution of the gases and suitablity for confined spaces.

Each detector can at least detect oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, combustible gases and carbon monoxide.