Apart from building completely new containers, we convert sea containers to suit your unique requirements.

The main advantage is the CSC approval plate (CSC – Container Safety Convention) that remains valid if only minor changes to the container have been made. In case of more significant changes, CSC plate is no longer valid. Nevertheless, should the customer wish to have it, a new certification can be carried out e.g. by Bureau Veritas.

Sea containers are available only in the standard dimensions, mostly 40 feet (12192x2438x2591mm) or 20feet (6058x2438x2591mm).

Reconstructed sea containers can be used as:

  • store houses
  • machine houses
  • switch houses

Possible container modifications:

  • Original plywood can be removed and replaced by steel plate
  • The container can receive insulation
  • We can mount doors, windows, openings, fastening preparations, etc.

Afterwards, the container receives new paint.