The CRX100 is a seafloor excavator tool skid for integration with a work-class ROV. The excavator is designed for seafloor conditioning, collection of large samples from seafloor mineral deposits and to test rock cutting head designs at depth. The CRX100 can be configured with a bucket to clear the cutting area before the dual counter-rotating rock cutting head is used to excavate material to the hydro cyclone for separation and storage.


  • Three ram backhoe
  • 3.3m dig depth
  • 4.8kN arm dig force
  • 12in (0.3m) CWS
  • 11kN bucket dig force
  • 350N-m at 120RPM (cutter torque)
  • Normal force up to 30kN
  • Drag force up to 10kN
  • Slurry pump
  • Ore separator hydro cyclone
  • 3,000m operating depth
  • Up to 1,000kg ore sample
  • Dedicated operator chair and instrumentation
  • Mobile control rack
  • Installation in ROV van or separate container