The accidental dropping of tools and equipment poses a very real risk to safety of workers operating at elevated heights.

It is therefore important offshore development sites have systems in place to reduce the occurrence of such incidents. Studies have shown that the impact of an object weighing less than three pounds can be fatal when dropped from a height of 30 feet or more.

Objects known to frequently cause accidents are hand tools or equipment left behind after a task, as well as equipment mounted in an elevated location that has the potential to fall due to movement or environmental conditions.

Westmark offer a broad array of dropped item prevention tools to protect employees from potentially harmful injuries and accidents in a wide range of working environments within industrial facilities.

Cablesafe safety guard net

Safety nets and guards

CableSafe’s Dropped Objects Guard Net is a cost-effective drop safety tool, made of out flame, chemical and corrosion-retardant coated polyester fabric with a reinforced hem provided all around, secured with lashing ratchets.

Easily and speedily installed, our re-usable netting features a tensile strength of 200N/50mm (ENISO1421/V1) and tear resistance of 400N (DIN53363), with an average serviceable lifespan of five years.

Our range of nets also includes devices for placement above personnel or important equipment, in order to tether overhead equipment such as lights, beacons, speakers, self-retracting lifelines, CCTV cameras, anodes and pipe clamps, which fully enclose the item being secured.

For an even more rigid, robust protection, the company also supplies UV-stabilised, non-heat condusive CableSafe guard railings, manufactured from recyclable polymers that are better for the environment and longer lasting than many steel alternatives currently on the market.

dropped object prevention mat

Dropped Object Prevention Mats

Cablesafe’s heavy-duty Dropped Object Prevention Mats limit damage to equipment and surfaces caused by dropped items.

These rugged and fire-resistant Safety Mats made out of fibreglass double-coated polyurethane are secured with elasticated hooks for extra stability.

They have also been proven to be resistant to temperatures of up to 550°C.

variety of tethers

Tethered tools, toolkits and lanyards

Our carefully constructed toolkits provide a fully secure, tested and assured system to help eliminate dropped tools when working at height.

Available in heavy duty mobile and static tool chest formats, the kits feature customisable drawers and tools to meet specific customer requirements, and include traceable, patented tethers applied to every individual tool.

We are able to supply bespoke kits to suit specific client needs, and offer a range of tool collections for a variety of applications, from our 33-unit mobile crane maintenance kit to more complex products like our 165-piece electrical tool chest.

Westmark also provide a comprehensive range of Tool@rrest tethers and lanyards, manufactured to meet and surpass regulatory, technical and safety requirements.

Our lanyards are produced in the UK, and are equipped with stainless steel karabiners and NATO standard quick-release buckles, which are industrially stitched using bonded threads to our abrasion resistant, UV stable colour fast polyester 8.5kN breaking strain webbing.