Fixed boom crane

More affordable and easier to maintain, EBI’s fixed boom pedestal crane has increased durability and has fewer moving parts. EBI’s fixed boom pedestal crane is the perfect solution for standard, ordinary lifting and handling needs. A fixed boom marine crane works faster and is generally used to transport smaller items with the standard lifting and handling purposes.

Fixed Boom Models:

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Marine crane parts and service

EBI Crane Services, a 24/7 service company offers complete offshore marine crane services, including, marine crane inspections, testing, refurbishments and-two block installations, consultations and maintenance. All EBI marine crane service technicians are trained, qualified and experienced offering years of technical knowledge and unmatched service in the offshore marine crane industry.

EBI offers an extensive marine crane parts exchange and refurbishment programmes. The company designs and manufactures EBI marine crane parts for various types of marine cranes and can be custom-made for existing offshore marine cranes.

EBI’s marine crane parts include hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, gearboxes, electrical items, wire rope, limit switches, hydraulic hoses, slew rings, joysticks, brakes, crane control cabins, crane control systems, winches, control valves, potentiometers, hookblocks and sheaves, relays, PCB cards, bolts and more.

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