Enterprise Project Performance software is project portfolio management, project controls and project management software all in one platform. EPP software provides an enterprise-wide perspective into what drives project success and integrating key processes throughout the full lifecycle of projects and portfolios.

The process areas supported by EcoSys cover the full lifecycle of any project size or type. While robust enough to handle the most complex megaprojects, EcoSys also allows you to easily adopt best practices and standard processes appropriate for smaller projects.

EcoSys is an integrated software platform for:

  • Project Portfolio Management
    Align organizational strategy with project delivery. Bring together critical information for unparalleled visibility into performance so you can optimize portfolios and resources.
  • Project Controls & Project Management
    Automate and standardize work processes, resulting in more time spent on value-adding activities. Accurately measure progress, confidently forecast outcomes and dramatically improve performance.
  • Specialized solutions for Earned Value Management and Turnaround Management
    EcoSys also supports specialized work processes for Earned Value Management and Turnaround Management tailored to your specific needs.