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Hexagon PPM’s innovative web-based EcoSys solution has become the global standard for project controls software.

The easy-to-use platform helps EPCs and owner-operators worldwide plan and optimize project portfolios, control project costs, and improve project performance.

Why EcoSys?

Improve Project Performance

Real-time visibility into project metrics serves as an early warning system, allowing project teams to proactively root out sources of cost and schedule overruns before it’s too late.

Do More High-Value Work

With data integration and automated reporting, improve efficiency and spend less time consolidating data, manually creating Excel reports, or troubleshooting errors.

Standardise Best Practices

Built-in solutions combined with configurable workflows ensure that your carefully developed processes for project success are being used across the entire organization.

Improve Material Utilisation

By integrating inventory, actual usage, and remnant management into the process, significant material optimization can be achieved

Key features of EcoSys include:

  • Powerful data integration: industry-leading technology creates a definitive source of project data including schedules, costs, commitments, timesheets, and more
  • Built-in reporting: end-users create tabular reports and graphical dashboards out of real-time data from virtually any data dimension
  • Excel-like usability: the flexible, familiar interface aids user adoption, while eliminating the challenges and errors of desktop spreadsheets
  • Quick-start implementation: be running in just weeks with out-of-the-box best practices or tailor the system to your organisation’s own processes
  • 100% web-based: EcoSys’ web technology delivers low total cost of ownership with options for on-premise, hosted, or SaaS licensing.

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