EXSTREAM is a fully electric, self-propelled platform designed for heavy in-plant operations in hazardous areas, where flammable gases or vapours, as well as combustible dust, are or may be present in the air in quantities sufficient to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures.

EXSTREAM is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to its large diameter cushion rubber wheels. The standard models can be equipped with two or three axle lines coupled longitudinally or laterally with a total capacity of up to 200t.

EXSTREAM is certified 96/42/EC, ATEX 94/9/CE CAT 2G (Zone 1), GAS Group IIB, Temperature T4 (135°C) (or HAZLOC Equivalent).

The components used on the EXSTREAM are ATEX certified or installed inside Ex D boxes. EXSTREAM is a self-loading vehicle and guarantees the lowest loading height available on the market: 420mm of suspension stroke and balanced load distribution system. Multi-directional steering and multi-functional remote control allow for better maneuverability.

Power units and electric wheel motors ensure zero emissions and the total absence of noise during operation. The position of each wheel axle is electronically controlled via encoder.

The EXSTREAM self-propelled platform can rapidly change the direction from the front drive to the side drive, from diagonal drive to carousel rotation.

The use of qualified suppliers and explosion-poof certified components, precision machining, attention to details, make the Cometto self-propelled transporter safe, versatile and sturdy, as well as pleasant and intuitive to drive.

EXSTREAM is also available in customised and AGV versions.