HPU and wellhead systems

We design and build wellhead control systems that meet the unique demands of your offshore operations.

We make sure that equipment in the panels is easy to access for maintenance and seamless functionality. And with eye bolts on the steel plinth or on top of the panel to provide a single lifting point, our equipment is easy to move into position.

Valve control panel

Our valve control panel can be delivered as individual components for both single or multiple control units, with either a single component or a block solution that integrates relief, flow control and isolation valves in one.

Hydraulic power unit

The hydraulic power unit (HPU) is available for high, medium and low pressure systems and the pumps, pressure gauge, valve, filters, pressure safety valves, transmitters and accumulators are integrated into the unit.

Wellhead control panel

Designed to minimise leaks and downtime, our wellhead control panel (WHCP) electro hydraulic manifold block solution gives you total control over each well to improve operational reliability.

Accumulator panel

Our range of hydraulic products features stand-alone or integrated accumulator panels suitable for all types of hydraulic installations.

Standalone wellhead control panel

An HPU and WHCP in one, this standalone panel is a plug-and-play solution which can be designed with the same features as each individual panel.

Fuel oil booster pump unit

Designed for heavy fuel oil, marine diesel oil and gas oil, our fuel oil booster pump unit controls the pressure, viscosity and temperature of fuel oil for diesel engines. Easy to install and service, the carbon steel unit is ideal for use on board ships, offshore platforms, at power plants and in heavy industries.