oil in water analyser

As effluent discharge regulations continue to become more stringent, often requiring an oil in water measurement of less than 1ppm, the InfraCal 2 Analyzer is the newest addition to the globally recognised Wilks InfraCal line of portable, filter-based infrared analysers. The intuitive touch screen interface gives non-technical users on-site results in less than 10-15 minutes. New electronics and optics improve the sensitivity allowing for sub-ppm detection of oil in water. Current detection limits with the InfraCal 2 are 0.3 ppm for the Model ATR-SP and 0.1 ppm for the Model TRANS-SP.

With no moving parts, a rugged metal case and optional battery pack, the InfraCal 2 is specifically designed to handle the range of conditions typically found in field environments, as well as in a laboratory for routine measurements. And, most analyses require minimal or no consumables. InfraCal 2 requires no scheduled maintenance making it economical and easy to move testing to the site where it is needed.

InfraCal 2 features:

  • Higher signal to noise for increased sensitivity/performance
  • Touch screen intuitive display
  • Holds multiple calibrations
  • Internal data logging and data transfer capabilities
  • Alarm functions
  • Optional internal battery pack
  • Complies with ASTM D7066 (Model Trans-SP)
  • Correlates with EPA 1664 Method (Model ATR-SP)