produced water oil content measurement

As offshore oil wells age, the increase in produced water can challenge wastewater treatment systems. In order to ensure oil levels in the water are under the regulatory limit, it is important to do regular testing. Infrared analysis has been used for off-shore oil in water measurements for over 45 years. Infrared is an accepted oil content measurement as it is least affected by changes in produced water composition.

InfraCal Analyzers give results in less than 15 minutes and have a reputation for the rugged durability required in the off-shore environment. The sampling requires a few simple steps that can be performed by non-technical personnel. The water is mixed with the extraction solvent, shaken, and then presented to the InfraCal Analyzer for measurement.

If sub-ppm measurements, password protected calibrations and instrument settings, data storage or multiple calibrations are required, the new InfraCal 2 offers increased sensitivity as well as a touch screen display for more user options.

With well over 3,000 in worldwide use, InfraCal Analyzers will:

  • Comply with ASTM D7066, EPA 413.2 & 418.1
  • Compare with EPA 1664
  • Detect levels as low as 0.1 mg/L
  • Unlike UV, measure aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • Provide years of dependable, easy-to-use operation