Customer-driven is defined as ‘prioritising and responding to the needs and feedback of customers in all aspects of a business.’ This is why we developed Inspectio 2.0 at our clients’ request.

Asset owners are tired of relating to many different software solutions to solve different needs related to different groups of equipment registers. However, the CMMS is not quite enough to solve these needs, leading to a myriad of different solutions or in worst case excel data sheets and paper checklists.

With Inspectio 2.0, you have a dynamic and flexible solution that caters to all your different needs related to maintaining equipment data to your preference and documenting inspections on this equipment. So what does dynamic and flexible actually mean?

It means that you can decide what data you need on different types of equipment, and what is presented to the user. It means that you only need to enter a question in a task template once and tag it with matching equipment data instead of entering it several times. It means setting up a scope of work with a few clicks because the selection is made automatically based on your selected task template and properties.

To be honest, it could mean a lot more – but we think you get the point.

Bottom line is that if you are tired of handling lots of separate registers, be it in excel format or own databases, this is your chance to change all that. We think you should have one workflow for it all.