Intergraph Smart® 3D

Interoperability Summary: Leveraging 3D Designs & Data
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Hexagon PPM is pleased to present Intergraph Smart® 3D, the world’s premier 3D design software for offshore and shipbuilding applications.

The next-generation Smart 3D solution employs a breakthrough engineering approach that leverages real-time concurrent design, rules, relationships, and automation.

Breaking through barriers imposed by traditional technologies to enable a truly iterative design environment, Smart 3D provides a competitive edge to engineering, construction and fabrication companies (EPCs) and owner operators (OOs) alike.

Intergraph Smart 3D provides all of the capabilities needed to design plant, marine, and materials handling facilities, and then maintain their 3D ‘as-built’ representations.

PIELDS Engineering management support team executive Kim Won Jin said: "Smart 3D was the clear market leader.

"While other 3D solutions focus on simply achieving design, Smart 3D enables optimised design, which means it increases accuracy and efficiency, and shortens project schedules."

Key features of Intergraph Smart 3D include:

Real-Time Concurrent Design

Leverage the data-centric 3D modeling paradigm to maximise project communication and efficiency through real-time concurrent design.

Intelligent Rules and Relationships

Capture your company’s tacit knowledge and engineering expertise to drive 3D design with customisable rules that enable objects to interact in an intelligent and automated manner.

Task-Based Modeling

Ramp up projects quickly with a common, easy-to-learn interface that also provides a discipline-specific experience for each user based on the task / workflow being executed.

Automated Deliverables

Ensure accuracy of procurement, fabrication, and construction packages, as well as adherence to project schedule via fully automated drawing and report generation capabilities.

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