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Hexagon PPM’s Intergraph Smart® Yard is a powerful solution based on the engineering design platform that offers a comprehensive range of integrated, preconfigured features to optimise operational efficiency across the entire project lifecycle.

You can manage collaboration with materials availability, bill of materials (BOM) management, scheduling, and simulation of the actual module assembly construction process.

With Smart Yard, you can consolidate your project information and processes, and implement solutions that reduce the total cost and improve productivity.

Promote excellence in your project with continuous visibility into program performance to make informed decisions.

Intergraph Smart Yard is a unique solution that provides a set of integrated systems aimed at optimising the yard processes.

It covers all the major work processes, from early design through fabrication, installation and handover.

Recent innovations within areas of 3D design, fabrication planning and estimation based on intelligent 3D model data, construction management and document / data management are changing the industry now.

Traditional product lifecycle management (PLM) systems that were designed for the discrete manufacturing industry (automotive, aerospace etc.) are being replaced with more flexible systems that can handle design changes throughout the project.

Smart Yard can support the entire design and fabrication process in a controlled and integrated manner, helping yards become more productive and deliver on time and budget.