DOOWIN lifeboat testing water bags are designed with a bolster cylindrical shape, made of heavy-duty PVC coating fabric, and equipped with fill / discharge fittings, handles and an automatic relief valve, which is activated once the water bags achieve the designed weight.

Due of the lifeboat testing waster bags’ economy, convenience and high-efficiency advantages, this system is widely used for the distributed proof load testing of lifeboats and any other equipment that needs distributed proof load testing, such as crew bastes, gangways, small bridges, and so on.

Features and advantages of lifeboat test water bags

  • Made of heavy-duty UV-resistance PVC coating fabrics
  • Fold compactly for easy carrying & storage
  • Multiple weight combination
  • Strong strops handling to ensure evenly spread load
  • Equipped with automatic pressure relief valves

DOOWIN lifeboat test water bags have 100kg, 250kg, 375kg, 400kg and 600kg. DOOWIN also make other size, different diameter and length combination to meet your special demand. DOOWIN also supply the whole lifeboat test water bags system. The kits comprises calibrated water meter, manifold with quick connector, delivery/discharge fire hoses, air-driven diaphragm pump with such hose and other necessary valves, quick connectors.