DOOWIN proof load testing water-filled weight bags are specially designed as a simple, safe and cost-effective proof load testing solution for lifting equipment and structures, whether for static or dynamic load testing of davits, winches, cranes, lifting equipment, beam and wire falls, in both marine and industrial sectors.

DOOWIN proof load test water weight bags have been drop-tested at the UK’s TUV National Engineering Laboratory and gained type test accreditation at the 6:1 FoS to meet LEEA Guidance 051.

All water weight bags are made of high-tenacity PVC coated polyester fabric using radio frequency welding technology. Each load test water bag equipped with certificated shackles, filling/drain hose, master-link, webbing straps, which comply with relevant international standard and LEEA 051.

Features and advantages of DOOWIN Load Test Water Bags

  • Made from heavy-duty UV-resistance PVC coating fabrics
  • Made in Germany material is available on request
  • Heavy-duty webbing harness terminates with single lifting ring
  • Equipped with all accessories, ready for use
  • Multi size are available for unlimited variants of load test weight
  • 6:1 Safety Factor Type certificated by drop test
  • BV third-party certificate comply with LEEA 051
  • Easy to handle and operate to enhance the work efficiency

DOOWIN offer the load test water weight bags from 1t to 100t. We also can make customized size and capacity load test water bags upon request. The load weight less than 100t can use one single water weight load test water bags to perform. For the load test over 100ton, can use several water weight load test water bags together to perform

All DOOWIN load test water filled weight bags are manufactured and tested comply with LEEA 051. Each load test water weight bag is tested prior to shipping. We also can provide customers with the BV, LR, ABS third-party certificate.