pilot ignitor

Kane Energy Services provides a range of pilot ingnition systems for use in offshore operations.

Kane High-Energy Pilot Ignitor: KHE-7000

Incorporating a high-energy electronic ignitor into an energy efficient pilot burner, the KHE-7000 is the result of decades of pilot testing in high wind areas for effective re-ignition sequences.

KHE-7000 utilizes a 10K vac-ignition device to ignite the pilot burner, and once the flame is proven via the internal temperature sensing control module, the ignitor goes into standby mode, only re-igniting the pilot should it become extinguished.

KHE-7000 can be lowered to grade for maintenance and inspection by way of a unique rail system, allowing repairs and preventative maintenance without plant shut-in.

Available in AC or DC guise, the units incorporate solar charging systems for remote areas or when backup power is required.

Control Panels are available for installation in practically all hazardous and non-hazardous rated areas.

Kane High-Efficiency Pilot: KHEFF

Designed to be ignited via a Flame Front Generator Ignition system, the KHEFF pilot is ideal for installations where access to the flare area is tightly restricted.

All Kane High Energy Pilots are fabricated from the highest quality materials ensuring long life, reduced maintenance, and the utmost in reliability and availability.