Our planning, scheduling and risk solution helps you collaboratively create and risk-adjust mining plans to achieve more than 75% confidence in project execution. Our construction scheduling and risk management solution uses artificial intelligence to establish a daily plan for teams in the field while ensuring alignment with your CPM schedule.

Combine the knowledge of your mining teams with the power of AI

  • Top-Down and Collaborative Team-Based Planning
    • Develop top-down plans faster with AI and have them validated by your team, plus you’ll execute digital interactive plan reviews with virtual collaboration.
  • Schedule Critique Assistant
    • Get a real-time running assessment of your plans as they are developed and refined to avoid potential bottlenecks.
  • Construction Field Planning
    • Coordinate crews for constraint-free execution that aligns with the broader project schedule.
  • Risk-Adjusted Forecasting and Analytics
    • Leverage past project experiences and individual team member experiences to create a risk-adjusted schedule. Visualize risk exposure, analyze root causes and establish mitigation strategies to improve project certainty.
  • Enhanced Risk Register
    • Enhance your risk management organization by keeping track of risks throughout their life cycle — application through retirement — and analyze across multiple projects. Assign risk owners, due dates, types and more.
  • Cost Risk
    • Get a more holistic view and ensure on-time, on-budget project completions by combining cost and schedule risk analysis.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Use history as the basis of new plans.
  • Rapidly detail plans and calibrate your schedule by accepting AI suggestions.
  • Digitally invite expert feedback from team members to achieve consensus on schedule durations and cost, giving the team a plan it can believe in.
  • Gain complete visibility into project risk profiles, enhancing analysis at the bid phase and every phase through project closeout.

Achievable Results:

  • 75%+ confidence in execution certainty.
  • 40% Improvement in your team’s planning efficiency.
  • 10% Improvement in construction execution.

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