Subsea power cables

Nexans contributes to ensure the reliability and efficiency of many of the world’s power generation and transmission / distribution networks. Our expertise ranges from securing steady supplies of copper and aluminum to designing high-performance products, providing installation and training support, and helping our clients to recycle safely and efficiently.

Our energy and telecommunications cables and accessories are used at gas plants, hydroelectric installations and wind farms. Our local, national and international grid solutions encompass all technologies, including high-capacity overhead, extra-high-voltage cables and superconductivity. We have 1kV to 525kV energy and telecommunications accessories.

The Capjet system was developed as a diver-operated system in 1976, and acquired by Nexans in 1987. Using a 1.1MW underwater power supply, the Capjet® 1MW system was developed in 1991.

The system has been subsequently enhanced with special features for flexible and steel pipelines, umbilicals and power cables, seismic cables and rock-cutting modules, as well as equipment for covering and surveying for final documentation (pipetracker, multibeam etc.)

CapJet has buried more than 8,000km of cable since 1976

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