APP ProTek Wear Pads are designed to prevent metal-to-metal contact in piping systems. They effectively isolate the pipe from contact with I-beams, guides or concrete supports. These areas are the most susceptible to corrosion and cost millions to repair and maintain. Our wear pads are the most cost-effective solution to piping system corrosion.

Key benefits:

  • Low cost of installation: no welding, hot work permits or highly skilled personnel required
  • Product minimizes maintenance and operational costs throughout the lifetime of the piping system
  • Our Wear Pad Inside Diameter (ID) is pre-roughened to NACE coating specifications, eliminating the human error of not preparing the surface correctly
  • We offer installation instructions in paper and video format
  • Our Wear Pad overlap shear and compressive strength has been tested and documented by independent testing labs and the results are available upon request