Chemical pump

RCNKu pumps are manufactured to DIN EN 22858 (ISO 2858) standards in respect of design, performance and dimensions. They complement the performance range of the CPDR series in respect of increase capacities and heads. Parts in contact with the liquid are made of material with proven chemical resistance.

Design features:

  1. Maximum safety during operation through use of solid plastic construction
  2. A sturdy armour in ductile cast iron GGG 40 covering the entire pump casing is to absorb all external forces and torques; it reduces sound emission and provides increased protection from explosion inside the pump and therefore more safety for operational staff
  3. Minimum axial thrust and large axial clearances enable clean and dirty liquids to be handled without increased erosive wear
  4. Back pull-out design allows easy accessibility to all parts for maintenance purposes
  5. Operationally safe shaft sealing by using internal single mechanical seal or single external mechanical seal or double mechanical seal; for extreme applications we use single or double mechanical shaft seals which are giving excellent service in flue gas desulphurisation plants
  6. Metallic parts, e.g. bearing housing, armour etc. protected to "chemical works finish" by using corrosion-proof epoxy resin based paint

Please download the data sheet for more information.