Roxar Subsea Multiphase MeterEmerson’s Roxar Subsea Multiphase Meter systems have been carefully developed to deliver precise data regarding the flow rates of oil, gas and water, as well as other key operational information.

Offering field-proven reliability, full redundancy and retrievable electronics, these advanced meters help cut costs and increase reservoir control, while contributing to effective reservoir management, flow assurance and allocation.

These meters can be employed to avoid water breakthrough, enhance hydrate and corrosion management, and accurately allocate hydrocarbons.

  • Improve accuracy with cross-correlation / Venturi for flow rates and fraction measurements, and a gamma ray densitometer
  • Quickly and easily intervene and maintain with a retrievable canister
  • Maximise reliability and flexibility with full redundancy and retrievable electronics
  • Extend flexibility with an available choke bridge version installed and retrieved as part of the assembly / module
  • Save space and money with a compact, lightweight design requiring minimal power consumption