Scaffolding accessories form a large part of our business and we have an unrivalled range of products to offer the offshore industry.

We offer height safety equipment, from harnesses and lanyards to complete rescue systems, as well as the latest alloy scaffolder’s steps as recommended in SG4:05 appendix A from the NASC.

Our product portfolio also includes scaffolder’s tools and belts, from a basic belt to a full set, including the latest and highest-quality tools with retaining lanyards for total safety when working at height.

The complete range of Monarflex scaffold sheeting includes the market-leading Super T Plus range, which has a tensile strength of 650N/50mm and weighs 245g/m². We also stock fire-retardant Monarlfex sheeting, which is certified to LPS1207 and/or LPS1205.

Class 1 industrial steel, alloy, GRP and timber ladders for use throughout scaffolding and construction, with a range of ladder safety gates and ladder hatches, ensure all access points are secure and safe.

Where ladders are not able to be used, our range of steel site-access stairs and aluminium universal stairs with adjustable lift heights means you can always provide safe access points.

Our range of plastic safety products includes the innovative "cubby cap", which provides a sealed end to scaffolding tube, stopping any items being placed into the tube or any liquids from entering the tube and causing contamination.

Along with our cubby caps is a range of plastic products to suit every situation, such as "scaff gap", which provides a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution when using hop-ups on scaffolding and preventing items falling in the gap between the main scaffold structure and hop-ups.

Our fully tested and certified range of steel pallets and bins provides a storage solution across the whole range of products.

There are many more accessories and, due to our forward-thinking business model, new and innovative accessories are always being brought into our range of products to enable us to provide a total solution.