Westmark’s Cablesafe brand supplies clients with various easily installed guard devices to ensure the protection of marine operation employees in hazardous working environments.

These safety solutions have been consistently deployed by major offshore companies to provide security for their workers on both a temporary and permanent basis.

man operating safety gate

Self-closing safety gates

Our self-closing double bar safety gate is designed to prevent falls from elevated heights at ladder openings, working platforms or pedestrian areas.

The safety gates exceed the EU ISO 14122-3 standard requirements and is TÜV tested.

The self-closing gate uses a simple gravity-based mechanism to facilitate closure via vertical spring as opposed to vertical drop, and therefore does not depend on additional parts such as springs, dampers, cams or operators.

Available in four sizes (22", 27", 32" and 37"), the gate is easy to install using the same hinge for left or right application, and is corrosion-resistant and maintenance free.

Tests have shown no loss in tensile strength after 9 month UV-exposure are high-impact resistant, as well as being coloured yellow for increased visibility.

man carrying net barrier

Fast-deployable net barriers

Westmark’s fast deployable net barrier is a reusable, portable, safe and efficient piece of equipment used to provide temporary fencing for industrial environments.

The safety net itself is coloured in bright orange with added reflective panels for maximum visibility, and the system can be simply set up in two minutes by rolling the fence around the rapid posts and click the net on the clips.

The net comes in 15m and 30m sizes, and a wheeled container is provided for transportation and storage purposes that can be carried easily by a single worker.

Extra stability is provided by a steel cartridge base and additional ground spike.

cablesafe toe board

Toe boards

The CableSafe toe board is a low protective barrier, safeguarding and warning of openings on platforms where there is risk of dropping objects and tools from an elevated height.

Our toe boards are easy to install with nuts and bolts without the need for a hot work permit, at a rate four times faster than conventional boards. They can protect any size opening with the addition of extra units for larger spaces.

Faster than welded banding solutions and less hassle than using resin on oversized piping, Cablesafe toe boards neatly enclose field cut penetrations and provide a uniform, finished appearance without the need for scaffolding.

Our popular and successfully field-tested design has been the product of choice for offshore companies for more than two decades.