Total Depth is able to leverage cutting-edge Seisnetics technology to provide clients with accurate pre-interpretation processing of seismic data.

Inspired by the Human Genome Project, genetic segmentation and gene sequencing techniques are applied to process pre-stack or post-stack seismic data.

This patented process is truly global, as populations of genetically similar waveforms are evolving simultaneously throughout the entire 3D seismic volumes using the same consistent mathematical criteria.

Once the process is complete, a queryable spatial database of GeoPopulations accounts for virtually every peak and trough surface in the volume.

With the mechanics of identifying surfaces now fully automated, the interpreter has much more time to focus on the significance of these surfaces and whether they are an important part of the geological model.

Seisnetics pre-interpretation processing is a very efficient and effective method of analysing 100% of available data.

We have applied this pre-interpretation processing to 100’s of 3D data volumes including most of the open-file 3D seismic volumes from the Australian Cooper-Eromanga Basin and Australian North West Shelf.